About Us

Subham Nursing Institute is Affiliated with WBNC, Recognized by Govt of West Bengal, and approved by West Bengal Nursing Council and Indian Nursing Council. The Institution set new standards of excellence in Nursing Education and practice. The college aims at an educational program that enhances the student’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and favorable attitudes to qualify as nursing professionals in today’s highly competitive and health-conscious society. Candidates deciding to do Nursing are required to possess high motivation towards the Nursing profession, with special Qualities, a spirit of altruism, commitment, and dedication to work.

Objectives of Subham Nursing Institute

To grow a pattern of teaching for undergraduate and postgraduate nursing education

Facilitate high quality practical knowledge in all branches of nursing with superior demonstration

Help students to achieve self adequacy in graduate, postgraduate and G.N.M in medical education.

Our Resources


The library which is the main resource center for the students and the faculty  and a collection of over 3,000 Books with a special reference section and a reading room besides a huge collection of Educational CD's and DVD's. The library servers as a rich workspace for students to do research and reference in their respective course of study. 


Subham Nursing Institute has a long tradition of discerning our path forward with collaborative vision and planning. Our success is anchored by the clear path we walk and is guided by about 100 highly qualified Lecturers, Senior Lecturer / Assistant Professor, Invited lecturers, and also a community of PH.D. / M.Phil qualified faculty. We are confident that the great grace and blessings, our community have received from God have come from the dedication, hard work, and tireless direction offered by our Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, and parent partners. 


OverHead projector, LCD projector, computers, smart boards etc. are judiciously interlaced to make learning simple and easy. We extensively use ICT to communicate with our stakeholders. These technologies help to process and update on real time with greater precision and to generate various customized reports like individual students feedback, faculty performance evaluation.


There are 2 AV rooms which are used by faculty and students to make persentations. These rooms also provide a great ambience for small group discussion with parent students, lectures by visiting professors and for workshop.


It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Subham Nursing Institute, a progressive thinking of higher learning that meets your aspirations & prepares you for the future workplace. The learning methodology integrates multi disciplinary and interdisciplinary global pedagogy across Nursing and Para-Medical Science. The college promotes creativity, innovation, provides opportunities for experimentation, critical analysis, rational thinking and learning by doing real work. We strive to achieve excellence in education with the objective to bring glory to our nation. Our mission is to maintain a dynamic balance between theoretical knowledge and practical training, as also between professional ethics and technical expertise. To ensure the all-round development of our students, our goal is to provide avenues of growth in all aspects of one’s personality. In today’s world, globalization is swiftly mounting, bringing with it extended individual mobility, entrance to knowledge across borders, increased demand for higher education, growing universal investment and increased needs continuing education. The time undoubtedly belongs to the men and women of potency and excellence in professional fields. Subham Nursing Institute has been established to nurture and cultivate young minds in the pursuit of knowledge with the saying “education is a taking our of what is already there in the pupil’s soul.”


As a principal of the institute, I want to make it a unique one in the field of nursing education and research. We are proud to produce best quality clinical nurse, nurse educators and nurse researchers in this competitive world. I can firmly assure that our students are not only trained for becoming a quality nurse but also a perfected professional person with all round development.

Our faculty continues to grow in stature by contributing to practice based research and innovative methods of teaching.

Never in the history of the health care have had Nurses had such wide opportunities and improved prospects. Nursing is at across roads with unlimited opportunities in the hospitals, communities, and research and health development programmers. With Society’s increased recognition of Nurses contribution to improved health care, we are in a position to demonstrate our professional leadership. A partnership with Subham Nursing Institute can lead to excellence in education, practice research and service.